Helping Homeowners and Organizations in Need

Our Mission

To make needed repairs and improvements for people who own their home but are in financial need, in order to provide a safe and reasonably comfortable shelter. Westbridge also assists local churches other charitable organizations with repairs to their facilities. 

The Organization

Westbridge, Inc. is a coalition of individuals who have banded together to form a working group to do special projects for homeowners who can not afford to make essential repairs to their homes. Westbridge, Inc. is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the State of Connecticut, and has been granted 501(c)(3) status under the Internal Revenue Code.  Westbridge, Inc. has no staff, office or other facilities so virtually all of the funds we raise go into our projects.

The People We Help

Many individuals in the area who own their homes are living on very limited incomes. This is especially true of seniors who are on fixed incomes or who depend on social security to help carry them through their remaining years. Because of the lack of income, these homeowners can not afford to make needed repairs to their homes, and their homes steadily deteriorate to a point where the structure is unsafe or simply does not provide a warm, dry and reasonably comfortable shelter to the occupants.

Individuals who seek assistance are “qualified” or vetted for income eligibility and need by Westbridge. Once candidates are approved, Westbridge evaluates the proposed project to be sure it is in line with our mission and we can handle the work. If the project is approved, we then create a budget and proceed to raise the money for materials. In some cases, we must limit our projects in order to fit our financial limitations. We have the volunteers and skills to accomplish more than we can afford to do because of limited funds for materials.

Westbridge, Inc.