Donations should be made payable to Westbridge,Inc and mailed to:

Westbridge, Inc.
c/o Richard Steinfeld
233A Boxelder Lane
Stratford, CT 06614

  • Even here in affluent Fairfield County, many individuals live week-to-week with barely enough money to buy groceries and other necessities.  These individuals or families may even live in your neighborhood or next door.
  • They don’t have the available funds to maintain their homes, and so inevitably problems develop and suddenly ~ the roof leaks, or ~ the floor rots out under a leaky sink or toilet, or ~ they are cold due to broken windows or inadequate insulation, or ~ they become wheelchair bound and cannot use their bathrooms, kitchen counters or may even need a ramp to get in and out of their home, and the list goes on and on ……  A problem might be something as simple as repairing a broken doorknob or a broken light fixture or window but if you are physically unable and don’t have the money to hire someone the repairs don’t get done.  These are the kinds of problems that Westbridge has been solving for needy homeowners for more than 10 years.
  • Our clients are usually older people who are too proud or ashamed or just too frightened to ask for help.  We “qualify” our candidates so that we only serve those that are income eligible and in real need.
  • In addition to assisting individuals, Westbridge also helps other charitable organizations who lack the funds to accomplish needed repairs.  Over the years, Westbridge has provided assistance to local organizations such as inner city churches, food pantries and women’s shelters.                                        
  • Westbridge has no paid staff or formal office.  Our only on-going expense is for required insurance. Of course, all of the labor is provided by volunteers and is free. 
  • In other words, with no overhead, every dollar that you donate to Westbridge is used to purchase materials for our projects.